Personal Care

We care about your pet as much as you do, and our goal is to promote the health and well-being of your best furry friend. That is why we also offer the best pet foods, supplements, toys and much more. And we also provide best grooming to your pets.

  1. Haircut– We offer the general haircut for any pet that needs to be trimmed for the heat or to address matted, tangled hair.
  2. Nail trimming– Nail trimming is an important part of the regular grooming routine. We provide with a well-equipped, imported nail-cutter and offers quality nail trimming services for your pet as needed.
  3. Normal bath– Although we love them dirty paws and all, sometimes our pet needs a little freshening up. We offer soothing pet baths for dogs and cats. Bathing at home can lead to a nightmare for them, so our pet bather knows the best way to calm your pet to give him or her more pampered experience. A bath should be relaxing, after all, is not it?
  4. Medicated bath– We offer a medicated bath and dip as one of the most common ways to treat itchy skin and skin infections. We recommend medicated baths after your pet has been examined and the skin problem properly diagnosed by the veterinarian.
  5. Anti-tick bath– We specially offer an anti-tick bath to pets to clean the hair and skin from dirt, flea-eggs, ticks, lice etc. These things can cause skin irritation and matted hair which leads to skin infections and can aggravate skin allergies.
  6. Ear cleaning– We do ear cleaning to the pets by using ear cleansing agent.
  7. Anal gland cleaning– We assure your pets remain healthy and so our veterinarians ensure anal gland cleaning.
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